The year in review and why Meta still believes in the future. (Meta)

The Year in Review

Our eye on the charts, the Fed’s movement in crypto and potentially in the XR hardware space. News briefs from the VR Awards, Ori Inbar and the Augmented World Expo, Conquest VR, Yuga Labs, VIVE, Ready Player Me, and Meta. Year-in-review content from Rooom, Virtualwear, Niantic, Meta, Ashley Huffman, and XR news outlet Mixed.

An Eye on the Charts

Bitcoin and Ethereum both started the week on a downtrend, with spikes around the middle of the week turning down again. Bitcoin is slightly down while Ethereum is slightly up, though both are within a percent of where they were this time last week. BTC is hovering around $16.6k and Ethereum is hovering around $1.2k.

Most other major coins followed a similar trajectory throughout the week and have similar fates being in the red or green but usually by just one or two percentage points. One notable exception is Solana which has lost about a quarter of its value in the last seven days.

An Eye on the Fed

There is a lot going on in Sam Bankman-Fried’s personal life, but the government’s eyes seem to have shifted to the events immediately following the company’s dissolution. Within a day of the company declaring bankruptcy, it was hacked resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars disappearing from the already sinking company. Was it users trying to save their money? Was it SBF himself? We’ll see.

There are also interesting regulatory movements happening in the immersive tech area. A Forbes report published late last week found that TikTok has been tracking the locations of journalists covering the platform. TikTok is owned by ByteDance, the Chinese company that also owns Pico. American skepticism is often cited at presenting Pico’s consumer expansion into the U.S. and this report won’t help.

News in Brief

The Year in Review

With this being the last week of 2022, a number of companies are taking a moment to reflect on the year-to-date. These include: