Spider-Man Leaps from Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming laptop. (Spider-Man News)

Spider-Man Spins Sticky Web for Marketers

Marketing around the new Spider-Man movie has reached a fever pitch. Since the announcement of the film in April, brands have raced to feature the friendly neighborhood superhero in ads. Parent company Disney amplified the fervor with its own ads across its ABC network during the NBA finals. As the July 7 release date approaches, it’s a good bet families will look to beat the heat and reward the effort at the box office for this sixth installment of Spider-Man that has already grossed nearly¬†$4 billion worldwide.

Spider-Man Spins Sticky Web for Marketers
Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters July 7. (Marvel Studios)

While Marvel Studios has built a multimedia platform for Spider-Man: Homecoming, other brands have followed suit. Computer maker Dell created a cinemagraph featuring Spider-Man leaping from its gaming laptop on Instagram. While TV ads capture large audiences, the use of the cinemagraph by Dell may offer the best return. According to a case study by Microsoft, social ads with cinemagraphs yielded an 85% increase in engagement with a 45% decrease in cost on Facebook and Instagram. While the cinemagraph was invented in 2011, adoption of this hypnotic platform is still in its early days. Dell certainly took advantage of it.

Even the Amazing Spider-Man Has a Day Job

Spider-Man: Homecoming features many recognizable landmarks from the New York City skyline. It was there that Peter Parker held the job of pizza delivery boy. Pizza Hut launched its TV ad featuring its on delivery man as someone possessing superhero-like talents when it comes to delivering cheesy crusts. While TV viewers are a susceptible audience when it comes to ordering delivery, Pizza Hut added a nice touch by bringing Spider-Man home on the cover of its box. While the 16″ poster may not have a long shelf-life, it certainly has a captive audience who leave the table satisfied. They are delivering on their slogan: No One OutPizzas The Hut.

Spider-Man Spins Sticky Web for Marketers
Through July 9, Pizza Hut is bringing back Cheesy Bites in celebration of the Spider-Man: Homecoming. (PRNewsfoto/Pizza Hut)

Hasbro trapped television viewers of an impressionable age with its Hero Gear commercial featuring a Spider-Man suit. It’s lead-in that “An ordinary kid can pretend to be an extraordinary hero” is a terrific hook for its core consumer demographic. Hasbro did its homework as July and August have the most birthdays among them in the calendar year. That makes for many birthday parties where the latest Spider-Man toy is sure to be in hot demand. This should provide a solid return on investment for the popular toy maker.