Knob Creek ad (Instagram).

Five Best Instagram Advertising Taglines

Is it just me or is there a preponderance of alcohol advertisements everywhere you look these days? The rise of personalization has opened the age-restrictive gate on marketing alcohol allowing these highly influential ads (according to researchers at Michigan State) unprecedented access to consumers through social and mobile channels where competition is fierce and branding is obscured by the obligatory bottles, full glasses and manicured hands. In this bruising battle for market share, good taglines have become indispensable weapons. Here is a list of the best Instagram advertising taglines that caught my eye on Instagram:


5 – Bud Light (User-generated) – Instagram Advertising

Bud Light got all dressed up for Pandora House.

Instagram Advertising for Bud Light at SXSW
Bud Light via kristastaudt (Instagram)

4 – Captain Morgan

Spiced Rum & Ginger Ale. Talk about an alley-oop.

Instagram Advertising for Captain Morgan during March Madness
Captain Morgan USA (Instagram)

3 – Don Julio Tequila

A cocktail as smooth as the tequila that makes it.

Instagram Advertising for Don Julio
Don Julio Tequila (Instagram)

2 – Michelob ULTRA

Conquer the grind. Enjoy the unwind.

Instagram Advertising for Michelob Ultra
Michelob ULTRA (Instagram)

1 – Knob Creek

Out here, you don’t need to click a button to share.

Instagram Advertising for Knob Creek
Knob Creek (Instagram)