Mytaverse wins for Top B2B or Industrial Initiative at the first American Metaverse Awards. (Mytaverse)

Mytaverse Among Winners at Inaugural American Metaverse Awards

A good week for cryptocurrencies (particularly Bitcoin and Solana). A presidential hopeful hates CBDCs. Crypto execs are still appearing in court, but crypto is getting more exposure on established platforms. News in brief from Pico, Geenee and Inworld, Microsoft, Augmented World Expo and Mytaverse among 19 winners at the inaugural American Metaverse Awards.

An Eye on the Charts

Major coins started the week relatively flat before spiking around the middle of the week. Bitcoin saw a more drastic climb and has since stabilized around $30.5k. That’s big news for the big coin, which hasn’t seen $30k for ten months. Ethereum saw a smaller climb before falling somewhat. It has since recovered most of that loss and is sitting around $2k.

A number of other projects are also in the green this week, though Doge has cooled down from a rally that took place last week after Elon Musk briefly swapped the Twitter logo for the Doge icon. This week is Solana’s time in the sun, up some 20% on the week. Uniswap has had some ups and downs this week, with more modest gains than one might have expected after the launch of their own wallet.

An Eye on the Fed

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is planning on announcing his bid for presidency next week, sent out a lengthy tweet against CBDCs and in favor of cryptocurrencies. While state-level politicians have staked similar claims, Kennedy appears to be the only presidential hopeful in the coming cycle to be so vocal on the position which marks a stark contrast to President Biden’s interest in central bank digital currencies.

Anything could happen in that election and it’s still a ways out. In the meantime, legislators continue what feels like an escalating pursuit of cryptocurrency organizations. This week’s example is a summons reportedly sent to Tron founder Justin Sun by the Securities and Exchange Commission. He is supposed to respond within three weeks, but his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Crypto Ease of Access

Regulatory uncertainty around crypto seems to be doing little to prevent adoption and engagement in the area. In fact, it seems to be getting increasingly simple to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. There are new reports that Twitter will soon allow cryptocurrency trading on the platform. Further, reports say TikTok users will be able to mint videos as NFTs in the near future.

Meanwhile, an update to MetaMask’s portfolio tool makes it even easier to buy cryptocurrencies, including with PayPal that has been rolling out and building up their cryptocurrency features for quite a while. The difference is that PayPal doesn’t give you keys to your own wallet, while MetaMask does, making the partnership an easy way for users to ease into self-custody.

News in Brief